Like <meter>, but discrete. Useful to display ratings etc.



No attributes


Without specifying icon

<meter-discrete max="5" value="2.5"></meter-discrete>

With custom icon, and a max of 10

<meter-discrete max="10" value="6.6" icon="❤️"></meter-discrete>

With step

<meter-discrete max="10" value="6.6" step="0.5" icon="❤️"></meter-discrete>

Dynamic value

<meter-discrete max="5" value="3.5" icon="💩"></meter-discrete>
<button onclick="this.previousElementSibling.value = Math.random() * 5">Random value</button>

Different styles

#minimal_rating {
	font-size: 200%;

#minimal_rating::part(inactive) {
	filter: contrast(0%) sepia() hue-rotate(140deg);

#minimal_rating::part(inactive) {
	opacity: .5;
<meter-discrete id="minimal_rating" max="5" value="2.5" icon="💜"></meter-discrete>

Actual image instead of emoji:

<meter-discrete value="3.5" icon="../logo.svg"></meter-discrete>

See also


Just include the component's JS file and you're good:

<script src="https://nudeui.com/meter-discrete/meter-discrete.js" type="module"></script>

In case you want to link to local files: CSS is fetched automatically, and assumed to be in the same directory as the JS file.